Plastic waste can be converted into fuel

Kathmandu, January 14

Keep used plastic safely for reuse as it could fuel your vehicle one day.

Nepal Academy of Science and Technology in Khumaltar, Lalitpur has installed a technology that can convert plastic waste into diesel and petrol.

It is the first technology of the kind brought in Nepal.

NAST Chief of Faculty of Technology Suresh Kumar Dhungel and chairperson of Japan-based Eco Party Matsumoto Chiseko signed a Memorandum of Understanding for development and promotion of the technology to derive plastic-derived petroleum products.

NAST scientists also converted one kg plastic into 1000ml raw fuel during test operation of the technology supported by Eco Party.

The raw fuel can be converted into 700ml of petrol or diesel. Dr Rabindra Prasad Dhakal, senior technical officer at NAST said plastic grocery bags, bottles and caps can be converted into high-quality usable petroleum products.

The technology converts plastic into gasoline or diesel through the use of a combination of suitable catalysts.

As there is no scarcity of solid waste generation in the country, Nepal could reduce its dependence on import of petroleum products by commercially expanding and implementing this technology.

According to the Office of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Kathmandu Valley alone produces nearly 20 tonnes of plastic waste daily.

The development of this technology is also expected to keep the environment clean and get rid of plastic waste.