Plea to fill 800 vacancies in courts

KATHMANDU: Judiciary Officers’ Society (JOS) today urged Chief Justice Min Bahadur

Rayamajhi to make instant appointments in 800 different vacant posts as the lack of the staffers has posed a serious problem in proper functioning of the legal bodies.

The executive committee members of the Society met Rayamajhi and called him to appoint all low to high-ranking officials including judges as soon as possible.

“Though the government has a policy to phase out several junior posts like of the office assistant and non-gazetted officials, it is impractical decision.”Dilli Raj Acharya, president of the JOS, said. “Without such officials, the institution cannot function smoothly,” he added.

Acharya demanded judicial allowance to the judges and the court staffers for their extra performance in the adjudication process.The Society also drew the attention of the CJ to cut off the financial power given to district judges and create environment for them to concentrate on adjudication.