Pledge to cut transport fares

Kathmandu, November 15:

Minister for Labour and Transport Management Lekh Raj Bhatta today pledged to reduce transport fares within a week. The minister made the pledge during a meeting with

a delegation of eight student unions.

A week ago, the eight student unions had submitted a memorandum to the minister, demanding that transparent fares be reduced in line with the decrease in the prices of petroleum products in the international market.

“Minister Bhatta has pledged to reduce the fares in a week. If the minister fails to live up to his words, then we will bring vehicular movement to a grinding halt throughout the

country from Friday,” said Manoj Mani Acharya, general secretary, Nepal Students’ Union.

“Transporters increase fares on their own

when fuel prices are hiked. But they do not cut the fares when fuel prices go

down. This is unfair,” the NSU leader quoted minister Bhatta.

The student leader said the minister had promised to ensure 45 per cent discount for students on transport fares nationwide.

“Leaders of the eight students union are meeting tomorrow to draft the memorandum to be handed

over to the Minister for Supplies the same day,” Acharya further said.