PM defends decision to dissolve house in his address to nation

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Monday afternoon delivered an address to the nation.

PM addresses the nation: Watch video, here.

In an attempt to defend his move to dissolve the House of Representatives on Sunday, the PM said that although the move appears to be unexpected on the surface, the step is actually an outcome of response to act selfishness of some power-hungry leaders within the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP), which had been broiling since long.

The Prime Minister further alleged that attempts were made time and again to making the national politics anomalous and unstable after the election itself.  "Some leaders were constantly making efforts to head towards instability even though the government had started working as per public's aspirations," Oli saaid.

He also claimed that some leaders in the party were entirely focused on occupying post rather than working to deliver as per people's mandate.

Oli also accused the 'other faction' of plotting against him, time and again, which ultimately compelled to take the decision which he says was not what he intended to do in the first place.

Following the government's decision, parties in opposition as well as the dissenting side within the ruling party have been engaging in many political and legal discussions to consider the steps ahead.

Meanwhile, demonstrations against and some in favour of Oli's move have been ongoing in various parts of the country.