PM Oli hails NC contribution to democracy

KATHMANDU: CPN-UML Chairman and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli stressed the need for enhanced cooperation and consensus among the political parties for securing, strengthening and institutionalising democracy.

Speaking at the inaugural session of the Nepali Congress 13th National Convention at Khula Manch of the Capital on Thursday, PM Oli said his party wanted to forge alliances with all the forces for development works and upholding national unity.

"The people's rights have been institutionalised and strengthened through the democratic constitution and the people have entered a new phase of economic prosperity," PM Oli said.

Underlining the need for the political parties to focus on country's economic development and prosperity, the PM emphasised that Nepali Congress and UML, in particular, must work hand in hand while taking step forward.

On the occasion, Chairman Oli said Nepal is a country made up of Himalayas, hills and Tarai, 127 ethnic groups, more than 123 languages, and that which embraced various sorts of trade from east to west, professions, culture and castes that need to be respected.