PM Oli issues directive for reconstitution of party committees

KATHMANDU: Chairperson of one of the factions of Nepal Communist Party (NCP), Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, has issued directives for immediate reconstitution of all party committees.

Addressing a gathering of leading party workers from NCP Nuwakot present in Kathmandu today, he urged the party leaders and workers to go to people's doorsteps and become active as the dates for fresh elections have already been announced with the dissolution of House of Representatives.

"I urge all not to be in doubt about the elections. I request all to be united and involved in the party purification campaign for the right principles and prosperity of the nation," remarked Prime Minister Oli.

Stating that the party has adopted the ideology of "people's democracy" at present, and that this could be gradually revised, the party chair claimed that those seeking to split NCP did not have any ideology.

He alleged that some leaders were trying to misguide the youths but the government and the party are in favour of peaceful political activities. "We do not believe in violence but in people. There will not be any irregularities now unlike in the past," PM Oli asserted.

At the programme, NCP Nuwakot's leader Keshav Raj Pandey said the party will organise a district-level programme on February 1.

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