PM Oli under observation at Grande Hospital

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, who was taken to Grande International Hospital today for a check-up, is under observation for the time being.

PM Oli was taken to the hospital early today after health-related complications. It is to be noted that the Prime Minister had undergone a kindney transplant in 2007 in India's Apollo Hospital.

According to our sources at the hospital, Oli underwent a procedure (surgery) where a stent was placed to relieve any obstruction, after Dashain.

"It can be theorised that the kidney failing markers might be due obstruction. If, even after the obstruction is released, the markers don't normalise, it indicates that he may need new kidneys," the source said.

The doctors involved in his treatment were Prof Prem Gyawali (Urosurgeon), Prof Dibya Singh Shah (Nephrologist) and Prof Ram Kumar Ghimire (Radiologist).

Meanwhile, after much speculation regarding the PM's health throughout the day, the hospital finally released a statement in the evening revealing that he has been admitted to the hospital and that his health is stable at the moment. PM's Press Advisor Kundan Aryal had earlier relayed the information that PM Oli went to the hospital for routine check-up and he would be back home within a couple of hours.

Co-signed by Medical Director Dr Chakra Raj Pandey and the Prime Minister's personal doctor, Dr Dibya Singh Shah, the statement further reads that Oli will be discharged late tonight or by tomorrow on completion of all required investigations.