PM reveals the secret behind his name

Kathmandu, Novmeber 2:

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala today revealed how he got the name Girija Prasad.

“What my name is today is the outcome of a debate between my father and mother when I was yet to born,” said the PM at a function in Kathmandu today.

“My father wanted to give a male name thinking that it would be a son, whereas the mother wanted to give a female name thinking that it would be a daughter. Later they agreed on Girija Prasad if it were a son and Girija Devi if a daughter,” he said based on what his mother told to him later.

Koirala said his mother used to say that the society is made of males and females and they are the two wheels of a chariot. “I have assumed the role of a woman as well, and have raised the issue of women empowerment in the UN General Assembly as well,” he told the women journalists’ meet in Kathmandu.

“I wanted to come here when I knew that women journalists are organizing a national conference in a short span of time.” He also made commitment to address the problems of women journalists.