PM’s appeal

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, issuing a statement on Sunday, appealed to all Nepalis within and outside the country, to participate in this historic mega-campaign of collecting suggestions for the new constitution.

“The people’s wish of promulgating the new constitution by themselves is going to be fulfilled soon. I appeal to all Nepalis, within and outside the country, to participate in this mega campaign. It is a historic opportunity that the people are directly participating in constitution-making,” Koirala said.

The new constitution will ensure federalism, republican set-up, inclusive democracy and justice, equality and prosperity for all, he said.

Koirala appealed for support of all parties within and outside the CA to ensure their active participation. “I believe those having opposing views to the proposed provisions will also give suggestions for changing or correcting the provisions,” PM Koirala said.


  • Public hearings on statute begin today