Police baton charge doctors, Medical Council demands legal action

"What use are the claps and cheers if government mechanisms are not patient enough to weigh what is right, what is wrong."

KATHMANDU: Three resident doctors were returning home after wrapping up their day's duties on Wednesday evening. All three were taken by surprise when on-duty police personnel approached them and baton charged them, taking the doctors for lockdown violators, without so much as letting them reason.

Dr Shambhu Khanal and Dr Tej Prakash, third year residents of internal medicine at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, and Dr Bikas Shah, MD Paediatrics at Kanti Children Hospital, were not spared even as they showed their identity cards to the police personnel.

"My friend Tej Prakash sustained injuries and we rushed him to the hospital to get this X-Ray done," Dr Shambhu Khanal, one of the three doctors at the receiving end of the police violence, told THT Online.

"I am extremely furious. The lathi charge is condemnable."

The incident happened only few blocks away from their residences. "These are strange times. We were attacked despite showing our IDs. We weren't even asked about where we are coming from or where we were going. Our self-respect have been hurt too," Dr Khanal added.

Nepal Medical Association condemns the act, demands action

Meanwhile, Nepal Medical Association (NMA) has condemned the police's inhumane behaviour while expressing solidarity with the three medics.

The professional organisation of medical doctors and dentists has further asked for investigation into the incident and demanded legal action against the perpetrators.

The Association further requested the government to address the issue and ensure safety of doctors, nurses and all other medics. "Such acts may demoralise the medical practitioners and affect their dedicated service which they have been offering from the frontlines for tackling the current crisis."

This act of violence against the doctors is not acceptable, NMA said in a statement issued today.

Likewise, National Resident Doctors Association has also condemned the incident and demanded action against the policemen resorting to violence on the medics.

An internal inquiry comission has been initiated by Nepal Police to probe into the incident. Superintendent of Police, Kiran Bajracharya will lead investigations into the matter.


Photo: Nepal Medical Association
Photo: Nepal Medical Association