Police seize fake Indian notes from TIA

KATHMANDU; The Nepal Police today seized an amount of Rs 30 Lakh Indian counterfeit currencies from Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) at around 4: 30 PM. The seized notes included 5000 pieces of Rs 500 fake indian notes that amounted to Rs 2,500,000 and 500 pieces of Rs 1000 fake indian notes that amounted to Rs 500,000.

The Police detained these fake notes from a 65-year-old Pakistani citizen Mariyam during a security check. She brought these fake currencies boarding Pakistan International Airlines flight no TK268, which landed in Kathmandu at around 4 PM. She possessed a Pakistani passport -AC0942713, TIA Security Chief and Deputy Inspector General of Police, Ramesh Bajracharya told The Himalayan Times. Mariyam had hid those notes under her belongings.

The police have also arrested Jitendra Giri, a police constable posted at TIA, suspecting his involvement in the case.

"NP's special team for TIA is investigating the case and the culprit along with the money is under its control. We cannot say any thing further until the investigation is complete," said the Metropolitan Commissioner and AIG Madan Bahadur Khadka.