Power politics fears Carter Centre

KATHMANDU: The Carter Center has urged all the political parties and the government to take ahead the constitution drafting and the peace process as per the stipulated calendar.

“Nepal has made significant progress on the path to peace and inclusive democracy over the past three years but the future of the process now appears in question,” said a statement issued by the Center today.

“Political leaders in Kathmandu appear focused on zero-sum power politics at the expense of the constitution drafting, peace process and provision of basic government services,” the statement added.

The Center said the current political stalemate in Kathmandu is leading to a worrying move away from the common agenda set out in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and subsequent political agreements.

“At the same time, rising challenges at the local level are being largely ignored but may have wide-ranging implications for the future,” it said, adding, “The lack of substantive public dialogue on the issue of state restructuring has left a vacuum at the local level that is presently being filled by ethnic based organisations and other groups, which are misusing authority to justify unlawful actions.”

The government, political parties, civil society, private sector and the international community should recognise that there is no better way forward than swift compromise by all parties that will allow Nepal’s transition to sustainable peace and inclusive democracy to regain forward momentum, read the statement.

It also recommended to constitute a national government composed of all major political parties to enable constitution drafting efforts, implementation of the peace process, integration of Maoist combatants, human right and security, land reforms and return to the owners, which issues continue to provoke dispute and violence.

The Center also suggeted activating the Army Integrating Special Committee and elect chairman of the Constitutional Committee of the Constituent Assembly immediately.