Power theft high in Bhaktapur

Madhyapur Thimi, October 14:

The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) disclosed that there is 61 per cent of total electricity consumed in Bhaktapur is pilfered.

Out of the total electricity pilfered, two-third is theft in the town areas, while the remaining is pilfered in the rural areas, the NEA said.

Chief of NEA Bhaktapur branch, Raju KC said the cases of electricity pilferage have decreased to 60.86 per cent in fiscal year 2007/08 from 61.72 per cent in the previous year. About 2.7 million units of electricity are pilfered every month, resulting to a loss of Rs 27,500,000 revenue to the NEA.

The NEA stated some 24,000 customers, on an average, use 65 units of electricity per month and 109.10 units is pilfered. Locals even do not allow NEA officials to carry checks aimed at controlling pilferage. It is stated that the customers verbally abuse NEA officials, manhandle and even free their dogs to chase them away.