Prachanda pledges to clean Bagmati, politics

Kathmandu, June 5:

Maoist chairman Prachanda said today that the campaign to clean Bagmati and Nepali politics will go hand in hand.

Along with members of the Constituent Assembly and other distinguished figures, Prachanda, wishing for peace in the country, released pigeons.

Film artistes, educationists, businessmen, industrialists, comedians, politicians, government officials, students and general public attended the Bagmati peace festival organised by High-Powered Committee for the Development of Bagmati Civilisation as part of a programme to mark the International Year of Sanitation-2008 and Ninth National Sanitation Week.

Chairman of the High-Powered Committee Krishna KC appealed to all to take part in the campaign to give life to the Bagmati river so that people can take bath at the holy river.

“We can begin the creation of a new Nepal by cleaning up the Bagmati,” river KC said.

“We don’t need dollars to clean our rivers as we have lots of generous hearts to contribute money. What we need is honest commitment and genuine dedication,” he added.

Minister for Physical Planning and Works Hisila Yami, however, claimed that the plight of Bagmati and other rivers of the Kathmandu valley will not improve unless Nepal embraces federalism.

People attending the programme were watching the function with keen interest while some were commenting that materialist Maoists have turned religious.

Brahmins were asked to chant mantras in Sanskrit language before the Constituent Assembly members and other guests flew pigeons. Wishing auspicious future of the country, 100,000 lakhbatti (oil lamp) were lit during the function.

Various cultural troupes performed at the function.