Prachanda to lure NRNs into development

Kathmandu, May 3:

Maoist chairman Prachanda today said the economic revolution envisioned by his party would bring back all Nepalis living abroad within two years.

“As there is a possibility of mobilising lakhs of youths in a particular campaign for the sake of the national development, such task was needed,” he said, addressing an interaction organised by All Nepal Public Health Workers’ Association here.

He said Nepal, being rich in medicinal herbs, could be self-reliant in health sector. “We can set up herbs processing centres in several parts of the nation,” he said.

People have approved our vision to make a new and healthy Nepal.

“Nepal is awaiting a big revolution to come true soon. Thus, we can’t wait. We need results in around four years,” he said. “If we can show the change to foreigners, we can bring their investment and utilise it according to our priorities.”

Prachanda said the suggestions of the health workers would be crucial to make the policies and programmes of the new government effective.

Dr Sachhi Kumar Pahadi said the free health service, introduced by the government, should be defined properly to halt the cases of health workers being thrashed by the people. He said the budget allocated by the government for the health sector was insufficient to cater to the needs of the people, urging ANPHWA to work in unison with the private sector and not to adopt policies to discourage them.

“No significant improvement has been seen in the health services being provided by the government in the districts in the last 20 years,” he claimed.

Addressing the function, outgoing president of Nepal Medical Association Dr Sudha Sharma stressed the need to control the use of alcohol and tobacco in the nation. She urged the government to focus on the quality of the health service instead of providing poor service free of cost.