Preparations afoot for amending Constitution: Rana

BHAKTAPUR: Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Chairman Pashupati Shamsher Rana today said preparations were afoot for amending the Constitution to form two provinces in the Madhes region and address other demands of various agitation groups.

Speaking at an interaction held by the Rafat Sanchar Club, Rana said the naturalised citizens would be allowed to hold any position except the posts of President, Prime Minister and head of security bodies.

Meanwhile, Rana said the RPP-Nepal and the RPP would soon merge into a single entity with the agenda of reinstating Hinduism as Nepal's state religion. Rana added that a

Rana added that a power-sharing deal has been reached for the party unification, according to which he would become the National Chairman of the Directive Committee while the RPP-Nepal Chairman Kamal Thapa would take up the post of Chairman for implementing decisions of the Directive Committee.

The RPP Chairman also called for holding the local body elections with the existing structure and stressed restructuring the local levels after the local poll.

Rana said that diplomatic aspect, Nepal's relation with the southern side became better and added its relation with the north also did not deteriorate as it had been rumoured.