President calls parties to form consensual govt within seven days

KATHMANDU: President Ram Baran Yadav called parties in the Legislature-Parliament to form a consensual government within seven days as per Article 298(2) of the Nepal's Constitution.

The President issued the call after Prime Minister Sushil Koirala met the Head of the State, requesting him to begin procedures to elect the new prime minister and form a new government as per the new Constitution.

If the parties fail to elect a prime minister on the basis of political understanding within the deadline, the Parliament will have to elect the premier through a voting process.

Article 298(2) of the Constitution states that, "If the session of the Legislature-Parliament is ongoing at the time of commencement of this constitution, then from the date of the commencement of the constitution; and if the parliament is not in session, then from the date of the summoning of the session under Article 296 (6); within seven days the Prime Minister shall be elected as per the political understanding."

Likewise, Artile 298(3) says, "If political understanding cannot be reached as per clause (2), the Prime Minister shall be elected by simple majority of the Legislature Parliament."

Hence, the House shall move to voting process, if the parties fail to elect a consensual prime minister within the week.