Private school launches Sanskrit class

KATHMANDU: 'English speaking zone!' Very few may wonder over this decal found generally on the walls of the private schools buildings.

The essential of private schools in Nepal is they are English medium schools and speaking other languages except English is highly discouraged.

But, with the passage of time, the private schools have realised the need of very old - older than the Nepali language - Sanskrit language, which is also regarded as the mother of  Nepali language.

Sanskrit is regarded as the sacred language. Despite having a long history, education on Sanskrit language has been limited to few schools and colleges for some decades in Nepal especially with the adoption of modern education and growing craze for English.

Moreover, some take the Sanskrit with a shaky view that it is the language to be practiced by Hindus priests.

But, amid this, some private schools in Nepal have included Sanskrit in their school curriculum.

The Bagmati Boarding School, Sukedhara, in the Capital, is one among the schools launching the Sanskrit classes recently.

In this connection, the school organised an interaction on 'relevance of Sanskrit education in school' on Friday. The participants of the programme said the Sanskrit is the origin of other languages and is a source of Vedic knowledge as well.

Former Secretary of the government Baman Prasad Neupane said developed countries have started classes in Sanskrit for internal peace, social goodwill and harmony.

Sanskrit teacher Janardan Ghimire said most of the English words are originated from the Sanskrit language and it should always be put in the centre of educational system and promoted accordingly.