Professionals rally, demand security

KATHMANDU: Professional Alliance for Peace and Democracy (PAPAD), an umbrella organisation of major six professional bodies, today staged a peaceful protest rally, demanding that the government ensure their professional and physical security and put an end to impunity. The protest followed the cold-blooded murder of Janakpur-based media entrepreneur Arun Kumar Singhaniya, Jamim Shah and a shoot-out that aimed at Managing Director of Bharatpur Medical College Nagender K Pampati.

Hundreds of professionals belonging to human rights organisations, civil society, Nepal Bar Association, Nepal University Teachers' Association, Nepal Teachers' Association, Nepal National Teachers' Association, Nepal Engineers' Association, Nepal Medical Association and journalists participated in the rally which originated at Bhrikuti Mandap at 2:30 pm and passed through different parts of the city. They carried placards and banners displaying messages that condemned the government for being apathetic to maintain peace and security and failing to bring the assailants to book.

Doctors and nurses wearing white apron and lawyers donning black coat had drawn the attention of the government towards increasing insecurity and threats in the country. Dr Kedar Narasingh KC, chairman, PAPAD, said the murder of Singhaniya and murder attempt on Pampati had questioned the existence of the government.

Meanwhile, Dharmendra Jha, FNJ president, alleged that the government has proved unfit to ensure the security of media entrepreneurs and journalists. "The government should quit now if it can not guarantee peace and security," he argued.

Kush Kumar Joshi, FNCCI president, lamented that they were left with no options but to take to the streets by shutting down their daily business demanding security. "Extortion terror, loots, kidnappings, killings and threats for life have long harried the businessmen, but the government is yet to seriously take up the issues," he complained.