Professionals urged to keep fighting for rights

Kathmandu, February 25:

Former law minister Nilambar Acharya today said that every professional has the right to talk and fight for the cause of democracy and basic human rights.

“The State is conspiring to destroy people’s rights and subdue their zeal for democracy. It is looking to bog them down in the name of professionalism. But the professionals should not give up their fight for democracy,” said Acharya while addressing the third general convention of the National Confederation of Professionals Nepal, here today.

He said forbidding professionals from their right to organise is a gesture indicative of the days of the Panchayati period. “The voice of administrators, teachers, doctors, lawyers and journalists represent the demand of the concerned and aware citizens. The State cannot drown this voice for long,” he added.

Acharya said no political party or leader would knock the palace’s door only on the basis of the King’s casual call for dialogue in his address. “First, the king should limit himself within Constitution bounds and return peoples’ rights. Only then will an environment for talks be created,” he said. Rumours of talks with the government and the news of a new government are baseless, Acharya added.

He also requested the Maoists to give up their arms for a while, declare ceasefire and join the unarmed struggle for democracy.

“The People’s War has taken the lives of 13,000 people, but the goal of the war is still elusive. Even the sacrifice of a few hundred people could have given rise to a huge storm in Nepali politics.

It could even have resulted in a democratic republican set up, and the sacrifices of all those killed would be more respectful,” he said.

The meet also discussed various political proposals and came up with a new working committee.