Pros meet Rayamajhi panel officials

Kathmandu, May 21:

Heads of several professional organisations today met the officials of the High Level Probe Commission headed by former Supreme Court Justice, Krishna Jung Rayamajhi, and demanded that all those officials who were involved in suppressing the Jana Andolan-II but are still in their posts, be immediately removed.

During the meeting, the officials of the commission assured that they will inspect the spots of the Jana Andolan and will recommend the government regarding their involvement to suppress people during the mass movement.

“We have expressed dissatisfaction over the stay of the officials who have suppressed people during the Jana Andolan and are in the same positions even after the success of the Jana Andolan,” said Bishnu Nisthuri, President of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists. “We have communicated our demands to the government officials who handle the mass media and communication sectors and the security agencies,” he added.

The members of the Commission, including Chairman Rajamajhi, told them that the Commission will recommend in this regard, but the government will do the needful.

All members including Chairman Rayamajhi listened to the suggestions of the heads of the professional organisations and expressed commitment to take actions against those responsible.