PSC objects to new order of precedence

Kathmandu, January 17

The Public Service Commission has objected to the new order of precedence made public by the government to define the hierarchy of functionaries and officials.

The recent order of precedence reshuffles the previous protocol list of February 2018. A press release issued by the PSC said that its serious attention was drawn to the new order of hierarchy which ‘degrades officials of constitutional bodies to a lower level compared to previous provisions’.

“It has not only dishonoured and insulted the officials of constitutional bodies but treated these institutions with disrespect,” the release stated, urging the government to make an amendment to it.

State minister of the Government of Nepal, chief whip of the ruling party in the House of Representatives, chief whip of opposition party in the House of Representatives, chairpersons of various committees of the House of Representatives, chairpersons of various committees of the National Assembly, vice-chairperson of National Planning Commission, Supreme Court justice, chief of constitutional bodies and attorney general are ranked eighth.

As per the new protocol list, vice-chairperson of NPC ranks higher than the Supreme Court justice and chiefs of constitutional bodies (National Human Rights Commission, PSC, Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority etc).

Similarly, members of constitutional bodies have been ranked 11th from previous ninth. The new provision have ranks from 1-21. According to the notice issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the spouse of officer-bearers will enjoy the same rank in formal functions and ceremonies.