Psychosocial centre to be set up at Nakhkhu Prison

LALITPUR: A psychosocial hospital is to be set up inside the premises of the Nakhkhu Prison.

Construction of a building for the hospital is in the final stages and the hospital will come into operation within some months. This hospital would be first of its kind operating inside a prison.

"Some 200 out of the 800 or so inmates in the prison are patients with psychological problems. Other prisons also transfer the inmates who have such issues to Nakhkhu prison as the country's main psychiatric hospital is located in Lagankhel of Lalitpur," said Jailor Tek Bahadur KC.

KC added that they have to frequently take the inmates suffering from serious mental disorders to the psychiatric hospital.

He said the prison is currently overcrowded by the inmates who are facing psychological problems but lacks required facilities to address the issue. KC is confident that operation of the psychosocial hospital at the prison would greatly alleviate their problem.