KATHMANDU: Pushkar Shah, who had recently conquered 150 countries on his world cycle tour, is all set to hoist the flags of 150 nations he had collected on his trip on the Everest in May next year.
"It will not be too long before you see national flags of 150 nations fluttering on the top of the world," said Pushkar Shah, who has just completed the tour of 150 countries.
Shah undertook one of the ground-breaking world tours on his bicycle in November 29, 1998.
After traveling 150 countries in Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Middle East, and Europe, he has announced his new mission - to raise the flags of those countries he had traversed in 11 years on the Everest.
Shah is urging the world leaders to move along the path of peace.
"I 'm doing this to draw the attention of the world leaders towards making the planet a peaceful place to live in," added Shah, talking to The Himalayan Times.
Shah started his world tour from India and landed in Croatia - the final destination - before returning to Nepal.
Sharing his experience shah said,"If you really want to be happy, then don't buy motorbikes and cars, go to the show room and choose the best bicycle." Shah is saddened by the recent craze of driving in the city. He said that cyclists had frequently been misbehaved by motorists.
“They (car owners) think that the person on bicycle is of socially low status. This mentality is antithetical to developed societies in the Western world,” he said.
“This trend has to be reversed and the attitude of the people needs to undergo a sea change in our society if at all we desire for a healthy society,” Shah urged. Shah further said he is deeply pained to see degradation of the environment day after day, with the piercing force of urbanisation and changing lifestyles in the capital. The cyclist is now taking the training in the Capital before embarking on his arduous trip to the Mt Everest. "It is really a challenging job to climb the Mount. Everest but I am confident that I will make it in May 2010," Shah, the self-proclaimed ambassador for 'global peace', said.
The cyclist has not received adequate fund for climbing the summit but is optimistic of receiving support.
“I had one hundred rupees when I ventured out the world on cycle, but at the end of the tour, I received overwhelming support and encouragement. I hope the same will happen this time around,” he added.