Rain affects weekly river cleaning campaign

KATHMANDU: The weekly cleaning of the rivers in Kathmandu Valley and of the ring road area was affected due to rainfall on Saturday.

As a result, only 11 metric tonnes of solid waste were extracted from and around the rivers.

Four metric tonnes of solid waste were managed from the Thapathali bridge over the Bagmati river as part of the 222nd week of the Bagmati cleaning mega campaign today.

Around 500 people including representatives of more than 20 organisations took part in the campaign.

Similarly, two metric tonnes of waste were collected from the Bagmati River above Guheswari, one metric ton each from the Rudramati River and Bishnumati River, and one metric ton from the ring road cleaning campaign in Gongobu today.

Likewise, one metric ton of waste was collected as part of the 18th week of cleaning that took place in the Aloknagar Minbhawan area.

Meanwhile, a rafting is being organised from Kupandole to Sundarighat on next Saturday, as part of the awareness raising initiative under the Bagmati cleaning mega campaign that will be marking its 223rd week, according to campaigners.