Rana stresses good governance in judiciary

Kathmandu, December 30

Chief justice nominee Cholendra Shumsher JB Rana told the Parliamentary Hearing Committee  today that he would adopt zero tolerance policy towards corruption if confirmed for the post of chief justice.

“Good governance in judiciary alone can help promote people’s faith in the judiciary,” he added. He said he would form monitoring units to discourage middlemen from influencing court cases, and check corrupt practices in the judiciary.

Expressing his commitment to implementing the new constitution, Justice Rana said he would try to enhance the Supreme Court’s capacity to handle federalism related cases and would also take seriously the concerns expressed by the public about justice.

“We need to introspect in the light of public concerns on judiciary,” Justice Rana said without elaborating it.

The chief justice nominee  also said that he would not ignore the government.

“We should not allow anybody to spread lies about the work of the state organs,” he said.

Justice Rana said if confirmed as the chief justice  he would try to make efforts to effectively implement the new civil and penal codes and increase efficiency of court staffers.

Rana also said that he would try to ensure poor people’s access to justice and speedy delivery of justice.

He said he had adjudicated 6,438 cases at the Supreme Court and 4,500 cases in the lower courts since he joined the judiciary.