Rape cases continue unabated, says report

Kathmandu, April 25

Rape cases are increasing every year across the country, according to a report.

The report released by Jagaran Media Centre says 1,130 rape cases were reported in the fiscal 2016/17 compared to 1,089 in the fiscal 2015/16. In the fiscal 2014/15, 981 rape cases were recorded, whereas 936 in 2013/14.

The report also shows that 34 per cent of the rape victims were from ethnic and 19 per cent from Dalit communities. Likewise, 18 per cent rape victims were from Chhetri, nine per cent Brahman, six per cent from Madhesi and four per cent from Muslim communities.

Province 3 recorded the highest number of rapes. As per the report, 26 per cent of rape incidents were recorded in the province. Likewise, 25 per cent rape cases were recorded in Province 1,  21 per cent in Province 5, 12 per cent in Province 2, eight per cent in Province 4, five per cent in Province 7 and three per cent in Province six.

“Many of the rape incidents go unreported,” said Anil Thakur, secretary at National Women Commission. The report also states that most of the rape victims were teenage girls.