Rebuilt, retrofitted school buildings handed over

Lalitpur, March 14

A programme to hand over three school buildings that were retrofitted and one building that was constructed for Shree Rudrayani Madhyamik Vidyalaya was held today at Khokana, Lalitpur. The 2015 earthquakes had destroyed four of the school’s buildings, forcing 250 students to study in temporary huts since.

Principal of the school Baburam Thapa said the buildings were reconstructed with a budget of Rs 2.6 million through financial assistance from Urban Environment Management Society and Secours Populaire Francais.

Speaker of Legislature Parliament Onsari Gharti Magar stressed on keeping schools away from politics, and asked teachers not to allow their political leanings to affect children’s education.

During the programme, a science laboratory, desks, and benches were also handed over to the students and teachers.