Religious tolerance must for peace:Nembang

KATHMANDU: Constituent Assembly (CA) chairperson Subas Chandra Nembang on Saturday emphasised

the need to preserve historical monuments of Nepal as they were a symbol of our cultural norms and values.

Speaking at Dharmaudya Buddhist conference in the capital, Nembang said, “The government should pay special attention towards the preservation and protection of cultural monuments as they are deteriorating day by day.”

Nembang also stressed for religious tolerance between different religious communities to boost development activities in the country and take the peace process to a logical conclusion.

Nembang also stressed on the importance of saving one’s own language, culture and religion to protect one’s identity and for the future generation.

“The state cannot be said as a secular state before the drafting of the new constitution,” said the CA chairman.

Constituent Assembly member Rup Jyoti said that Buddhist philosophies were essential for developing peace in the society.

He further added that cultural architectures at the Buddhist Bihar are the symbols of a culturally rich society.

He also argued that Buddhist philosophy should be included in school curriculums in order to teach morals and values of Buddhism to children from early ages.

Meanwhile, chief of Vishwo Shanti Bihar Gyanu Pranik claimed that there were less than one per cent of true Buddhist followers which was the reason behind the increasing conflict and violence.

Six persons were also felicitated on the occasion for their contribution towards the religion.