Report on Rapid Assessment of Nepali Migrant Workers' Situation made public

KATHMANDU: In challenging times brought on by the coronavirus disease, Nepal Policy Institute and Migration Lab, jointly, made a report on 'Rapid Assessment of Nepali Migrant Workers’ Situation in Major Destination Countries' public.

"Hundreds of thousands of Nepali workers, primarily in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), India and East Asia, are desperately trying to return home mainly due to the real and perceived fear of infection given their sub-standard living conditions, loss of gainful employment, and the longing to be with family members," reads the assessment.

The report survey covers demographics, employment status, the impact of COVID-19, motivation to migrate and intentions to return, aspirations upon returning and expectations from the government for durable and sustainable reintegration into communities of origin should they decide to return.

The report was made public with an aim to capture the current situation and plight of migrant workers and to make the country's policy-making -- related to the unprecedented return of migrant workers -- smooth.