Rescued kids to be sent home

Kathmandu, August 13:

The Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB) today decided to send 10 of the 13 children, who were rescued from an orphanage, to their homes in Ghatlang VDC, Rasuwa. Other three would be kept in Help Nepal until their hometown is located.

Nepal Women Children and Human Rights Forum (NWCHRF) had rescued the children belonging to the Tamang community of Rasuwa on August 11 from Bal Kalyan Kendra in Swyambhu. The rescued children are five to 13 years of age.

The children were beaten and sent for begging and were mentally tortured in the orphanage. Deepak Pur Magar, general secretary of NWCHRF, said the children should were in a pitiable condition. The CCWB has provided six thousand rupees to their parents as transportation fare to take the children home. Dharma Raj Shrestha, executive director of CCWB, said, “We thank NWCHRF for rescuing the children.”

Magar said, “Our district committee member would deliver message to the people in the village not to be tempted by words of strangers and save their children from harm and torture.”