Rescued Nepali girls safe in Kenya, says MoFA

KATHMANDU: The seven Nepali girls, who were rescued by the Indian government from the Kenyan traffickers, have been kept safe in Mombasa of Kenya.

“They had gone to Kenya for job opportunities and worked at different bars and restaurants. They have now been kept safe at the Honorary Consulate in Kenya,” informed Bharat Paudyal, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“There might be several reasons for them to stay back in Kenya, but firstly, we are checking their immigration status to know if there are any visa complications. After confirming their status, we can move ahead with carrying out other regulations," said Paudyal.

“We are consulting with the victims if they want to return home. We will facilitate them with all the necessary arrangements if that is what they want,” he added.

The Indian government, while rescuing three Indian girls, had rescued the Nepali victims from the clutches of an organised crime syndicate that indulged in girls trafficking in Kenya, on January 4.