Reservation for women must: Activists

Kathmandu, July 9:

Experts from the civil service at a programme today stressed the need of women’s inclusion in the government and restructuring the government offices.

The Nepal Government Employees’ Organisation Central Women’s Department (NGEO-CWD) today organised an interaction titled ‘Women in civil services and the role of Constituent Assembly (CA) members in the new constitution.’

Pampha Bhusal, minister for women, children and social welfare said the government offices needed to be restructured so that women could enjoy 33 per cent reservations in every sector.

Brinda Hada, the only female secretary in the government, said reservation for women was essential to raise the number of women in the government.

Chief Secretary Bhoj Raj Ghimire suggested that there was no better option than the reservation system for women if the government wanted to include them.

Newly elected 191 women CA members were also felicitated in the programme.

In another interaction programme organised by the United Nations Fund for Women Development and Sathi, women activists today said violence against women would not end unless women themselves became active and fought against it.

Minister Pampha Bhushal said women in Nepal faced domestic violence because societal norms and values were guided by feudalism and violence against women would end only after the feudalism ended. Weak implementation mechanism in Nepal had always been a barrier to eradicate such practices, she said.

Sanginta Thapa, UNIFEM chief in Nepal, said women were continuously being victimised due to the orthodox Nepalese society that considered men more powerful and legitimised violence. Naina Kala Thapa, president of the National Women Commission, suggested that women should be aware of the violence against them and had to fight for themselves.