‘Rights activists discriminating against Tharus’

Kathmandu, January 9

Former Chairman of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities and Tharu leader Rajkumar Lekhi today accused the human rights activists of the country of working for money rather than safeguarding the rights of the people. Addressing a function organised by Madhesi Journalist Society in the capital today, Tharu said most of the human rights organisations discriminated against Madhesi and Janajatis of the country and were running after money. “How can we trust the rights activists who don’t speak a word against discrimination faced by Tharus and the Madhesi people?” he questioned. He also accused the human rights activists of not speaking a word against “injustice meted out to the Tharu community in Tikapur.” Claiming that the government has never implemented the agreements signed with the Tharu people in the past, he said it was now time for them to launch a decisive battle.

He said the Tharus did not regret the Tikapur incident as it was their retaliation against decades of suppression.