Rights activists submit petition to Modi demanding end of blockade

KATHMANDU: Human Rights and Peace Society Nepal on Monday sent an appeal letter to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the signatures of thousands of Nepali people calling for an end to the undeclared blockade on Nepal.

Coinciding with the World Human Rights Day which falls on December 10, the Society submitted the letter with signatures of the Nepali people, which it collected since Saturday to the Indian Embassy based in Kathmandu.

The Society collected the signatures in different places including New Road, Ratnapark, Basantapur, Chabahil among other thoroughfares of the Capital.

"On the occasion of the 67th World Human Rights Day, we would like to remind His Excellency of the fact that blockade is an act of betrayal against the spirit of human rights and appeal for an immediate end to the Indian blockade on Nepal," said Society's President Gangadhar Adhikari.

The Society is continuing to hold other programmes to commemorate the World Human Rights Day.