Rights body for national consensus

KATHMANDU: National Human Rights Foundation on Sunday appealed to the government and all the political parties to move forward with consensus to resolve the current political issues. Issuing a press statement in the capital, it sated that important issues as the drafting of the constitution and taking the peace process to a comprehensive conclusion were overshadowed due to the growing disparity between the ruling party and other political parties. “The major task of the new government is to draft the new constitution by forging a consensus between all the political parties in the Constituent Assembly (CA),” read the statement. It also urged the government and the political parties to honestly implement past agreements to strengthen the peace process. It stated that the growing disparity between the political parties began after a row between the defence ministry and the NA on the fresh army recruitment drive which has escalated to the sacking of the CoAS. It further said that the decision could only be materialised after forging consensus between all the political parties or through the implementation of the new constitution which is yet to be made.