RJP-N will not join leftist govt, says Mahato

BHAKTAPUR: Presidium Member of Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJP-N) Rajendra Mahato has said that his party would not join the government of the left alliance.

At an interaction programme organised in the Capital on Monday, Mahato said that there cannot be a consensus between the RJP-N and the left alliance regarding the formation of government.

He also accused the CPN-UML of obstructing the constitution amendment proposal.

"The UML was against the constitution's amendment in the past and it is so even today. There is no chance of RJP joining the left government in such circumstances," Mahato said.

Leader Mahato said that RJP and Federal Socialist Forum will constitute the provincial government in Province 2 as it was the people's mandate.

On the occasion, he also claimed that there was no border dispute between Nepal and India and claimed that border encroachment issue cannot be agreed on just based on media reports.

Regarding the country's relations with foreign nations, Mahato stressed for a national policy instead of partisan and personal policies.