Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, February 8

Influenced by Kathmandu Metropolitan City mayor Keshav Sthapit, chairman of Ward No 6 Dev Kumar Lama has started broadening three narrow lanes behind the Boudha stupa.

"This is my personal attempt. I think it will benefit the locals. Even motorcycles could not pass through these roads. They are being made wide and even Pajero can ply on these roads now," Lama told this daily.

The KMC central office has not allocated even a single rupee for the project. "But I took it seriously. There is no way to bring ambulance or fire brigade inside for round 60 houses surrounding the main stupa," he said.

Now, three sections of the lanes are being broadened. One stretches from Ajima temple to Ramhiti area, second goes from Ajima temple to the area at the back of the Hayatt Hotel and the third stretches between Butanese Gumba and Ramhiti area. The total length of the three sections is around 3.5 kilometres.