SAC fiat on UN mission graft

KATHMANDU: The State Affairs Committee of the parliament today directed the government to forward all the documents related to a corruption case involving deployment of Nepal Police and Armed Police Force personnel to the UN Peace Keeping Force in conflict-hit Sudan.

Nepal Police and Armed Police Force have been deploying personnel to the UNPKF in Sudan on the request of the UN since 2008.

The SAC today interrogated Home Minister Bhim Rawal, Home Secretary Govinda Kusum and Nepal Police Inspector General Ramesh Chand in this regard and directed them

to submit the documents within five days. APF IG Sanat Basnet was called

for interrogation but was absent.

The committee has initiated an investigation into the costs and expenses incurred by Nepal Police and APF while purchasing goods and logistics to be sent to their personnel in Sudan on UN mission. Nepal Police and APF spent Rs 0.5 billion to purchase the goods, logistics and equipment from their welfare funds to send to the mission in Sudan.

SAC initiated the probe after receiving complaints that there had been irregularities while purchasing the equipment, clothes and logistics for Nepal Police and APF personnel on the peace keeping mission in Sudan. It is learnt that the purchased goods did not meet international standards and did not last long due to poor quality. SAC directed the government to forward the documents

related to the preparation, process of purchase,

funds, expenditure incurred in the purchase of logistics and goods, bills, annual cost of the missions and the amount contributed by the UN.

It has also demanded the details of the people or companies involved in selling the goods and logistics to the Nepal Police and APF.

Home Minister Bhim Rawal said the ministry was preparing to form a high-level judicial commission to probe into irregularities while purchasing the goods and equipment.

He said the Home Ministry was serious about the corruption reports.