Kathmandu, September 1

Sajha Yatayat is preparing to introduce multi-purpose digital cards for its regular passengers.

The multi-purpose digital card, which can be recharged from time to time, will allow passengers to pay their bus fares without using cash. The digital fare cards will be the first of its kind in Nepal. Nepal Bank Ltd will collaborate with Sajha Yatayat to introduce the digital card.

Mahendra Raj Pandeya, manager at Sajha Yatayat, said two swap machines will be installed at the front and rear door of Sajha Yatayat bus for the passengers to pay fares through their digital card. The rear door (enter) swap machine will record the passengers mounting address and the front door (exit) swap machine will record the dismounting address.“The bus fare will be deducted from the balance amount in digital card according to the distance travelled by the passengers,” said Pandeya. He added passengers without the digital card will be charged at least Rs 20 while students will be provided discount.

A technical team from Bangladesh and India has been hired to implement the digital card system.