Samridh Awas comes to squatters’ aid

Kathmandu, November 6:

Samridh Awas, also known as Kirtipur housing development project, which was initiated to provide shelter to displaced families, has proved to be an effective way to check random settlements.

It was set up to rehabilitate the displaced families living on the banks of Bishumati river by Bishnumati Link Road Project and to promote eco-friendly housing.

The Awas, an abode of 43 families, has rain-water harvesting system, water treatment plant, solid waste recycling and management and waste water treatment plant.

The Awas has installed environment-friendly technologies for checking pollution, harvesting rainwater and treating tube-well water.

Tunu Pariyar, who had lived on the banks of Bishnumati for 20 years, is now living in the Awas.“Life has become much easier, healthier and dignified after living here,” she said.

The families living in the Awas are paying a minimum of Rs 2,000 as monthly installment and will be the owners of the houses they are living in after 15 years.