SC seeks security for judiciary

KATHMANDU: The Supreme Court has sought reliable security for the courts and judges across the country.

The demand follows the deteriorating security situation in the country, frequent attacks and threats on judges and lawyers and rife unruly activities on the court premises.

The apex court asked the Ministry of Home Affairs to expand the security for the district courts and judges as has been enjoyed by apex court justices and chief judges of the appellate court.

"We have demanded each Personal Security Officer to the lower court judges and two for Supreme Court Justices," said Hemanta Rawal, assistant spokesperson, SC.

The apex court sought 41-member security team under the command of a DSP for the security of the SC; and a team of 12 security personnel under the command of an Inspector or ASI for the security of appellate courts. As demanded by the apex court, there is a requirement of 177 security personnel for the 16 appellate courts across the country. The demand also includes a five-member team of security personnel for every district court under the command of head constable.

Home Secretary Dr Govinda Kusum said that they were mulling over the SC demand. "After completing appropriate homework, we will forward the demand to the Council of Ministers," Dr Kusum told The Himalayan Times. "Since the security situation in the Tarai is worsening day by day, we urged the Ministry of Home to provide the security for 25 districts immediately and to expand the plan in the other districts in the second phase," Rawal added.

The apex court also directed the judges to be alert while visiting anywhere as the security situation was not reliable. It urged the judges to demand enough security while conducting hearing of sensitive cases.

"Considering the growing instances of mob attack and other unruly activities in the court premises, including threats to judges and lawyers, the SC also drew the attention of the subordinate courts and judges to be more sensitive while conducting hearing for high-profile cases as well as politically meaningful cases," he added.