SC to speed up justice delivery

KATHMANDU: A full court meeting of the Supreme Court Justices on Tuesday decided to set up Verdict Implementation Directorate to ensure timely implementation of the court verdicts.

"The full court meeting has passed the decision. It may help to expedite the process of implementation of verdicts which are ultimately related to the justice dispensation process," Hemanta Rawal, assistant spokesperson for the Supreme Court, said.

The directorate will monitor all district courts across the country and take necessary steps to address the problem of the implementation of court verdicts.

At present, the verdict implementation section in district courts has been looking after the implementation of the court verdicts.

The meeting also empowered the directorate to recommend if reforms in law are needed to implement the court verdicts. The directorate will work by coordinating with the security agencies or the local bodies.

The Supreme Court has also initiated the process to enact a separate law regarding the service condition of the court staff in order to make the judicial service autonomous, according to Rawal.