Screening of Maryada postponed

The movie was not on the list for screening

Kathmandu, November 23:

The organisations affiliated to the Nepali film industry today intervened in the screening of Nepali film Maryada at the Biswo Jyoti Cinema Hall (BJCH), alleging that the movie was being exhibited against the established system.

Around 150 people associated with the film industry stopped the release of the film at the BJCH even though some tickets were sold by then. The hall remained empty the whole day.

There has been a conflict between the BJCH and Nepal Film Producers Association (NFPA) on showing of Maryada in place of another movie Jeevandata. The BJCH was set to have Maryada exhibited opining that it was the only movie that it had in hand. The NFPA has been accusing the BJCH of intending to go against the established system intentionally.

The release of Maryada was shelved after a meeting held at the cinema hall between the BJCH and members of the NFPA, Nepal Film Association, an association of the movie exhibitors, and other organisations related to the film industry.

According to a press release issued by the NFPA, both the parties have agreed to exhibit Jeevandata that was on the queue for release.

There is a contract between the NFPA and NFA which states that, with mutual understanding of the NFPA and the NFA, four movies get placed in queue for the release in Kathmandu and the exhibitors should release the movies accordingly. But Maryada was not in the queue.

Ashok Sharma, president of the NFPA said that,

with the help of the film industry they managed to keep the established system intact. “As per the system, Jeevandata will be exhibited in Biswo Jyoti from tomorrow.”

He added that they will do justice to Maryada as well. “The movie will be released soon in line with the system.”