Security reps visit Nagarjun Palace

Kathmandu, June 6:

The government today sent officials of the Nepal Army (NA) and the Armed Police Force (APF) to inspect the Nagarjun Palace.

Minister for Home Affairs Krishna Prasad Sitaula said that the government has sent some security officials to Nagarjun Palace to make arrangements for the security of the deposed monarch and his family.

“The team has reached Nagarjun and is putting security arrangements in place for the deposed king and his family,” a government official said.

The government has allowed the deposed monarch and his family to stay in Nagarjun palace temporarily.

The security team constituted by the government to recommend a security strategy for the deposed monarch and his family submitted its report to the government yesterday.

The committee suggested the government to provide 25 NA personnel and 50 APF personnel to the ex-king and the queen.