Senior civil servants hone leadership skills

Lalitpur, November 25:

Nepal Administrative Staff College is organising a training programme for 20 senior civil servants from various ministries. Dr Madan Manandhar, co-ordinator of Senior Executive Development Programme (SEDP), said the training would help produce more competitive and skilled officers and would help them be good leaders. “The training aims to make these officers all-rounders, the ones able to handle any situation under any circumstances. For example, a secretary at the Ministry of Land Reform and Management could be given the task of a secretary of the Ministry of Finance,” Dr Manandhar said.

“Only those competent senior staff who can successfully pass the training will be able to fight for the posts of secretaries ,” he said. The recently amended Civil Service Regulation clearly indicates that senior government officers need training to fight for the post of secretaries.

The SEDP aims to develop personal and interpersonal skills, leadership and organisational capabilities; train officers good governance and new public sector management skills, strategic management skills and project work. The one-month-long programme was started on November 16 with the support of WHO; another Health Executive Development Programme (HEDP) is starting on December 17. “The programme is designed to address the management and professional needs of senior executives working in public sector organisations in Nepal,” Dr Manandhar said.