Seniors rescue UKG student kidnapped from school

Kathmandu, February 2

A six-year-old girl student of UKG at Glory English School in Suryabinayek Municipality, Bhaktapur, was abducted by her maternal uncle this afternoon at around 12:10 pm from the school. She was rescued by senior girl students of the school and police have arrested the kidnapper.

The girl was abducted by Aashish Thapa, 20, a resident of Bode of Madyapur Thimi Municipality who hailed from Lalbandi in Sarlahi. Thapa went to the school and told the teachers that he had come to fetch the girl as asked by her parents, according to police. The school handed over the girl to Thapa as she identified him has her close relative.

Thapa then took her to a nearby jungle of the municipality.

Thapa then phoned the girl’s father, posing as a kidnapper and demanded Rs 1.6 million as ransom for her safe release. He also asked the girl’s father to meet him at Thimi based Bhatbhetteni Supermarket at 3:00 pm with the money. After the phone conversation with the kidnapper, the father immediately called the police. A team of special police force from Metropolitan Police Range, Bhaktapur, Metropolitan Police Office Ranipokhari and Metropolitan Police Circle Thimi jointly started an operation to rescue the girl. A group of police in civil dress reached the school and asked the teachers and other students about the person who had received the girl.

Based on the clue provided by the teachers and some students, police learnt that the kidnapper rode a particular type of bike.

Marks of the bike led to the nearby jungle. Students at the school, upon learning that the girl was abducted went to the jungle to search the girl. The girl was luckily spotted by a group of senior girl students and local people in the middle of the jungle, after a few hours. “They found her in the middle of the jungle crying.

The child’s hands were tied and she was in a miserable condition,” Sabin Pradhan, Head of MPR, Bhaktapur said.

Another team of police in civil dress was keeping a close eye on the father of the girl, who went to the Bhatbhetteni Supermarket with a bag of fake money. SP Pradhan said, “The abductor, however, didn’t appear at the supermarket but kept on calling the father to various other locations.

Finally, the abductor showed up at Gatthaghar, in Bhaktapur to receive the cash.

Police immediately arrested him at around 5:00 pm.”