Separate seats for women sought

Kathmandu, January 27:

Minister for Women Children and Social Welfare Urmila Aryal today said constituencies should be reserved for women in the upcoming election of constituent assembly.

“At least 33 per cent of 205 seats for which there will be direct election should be reserved for women,” Aryal said. She said capable women will compete for the posts. Aryal was speaking at a programme organised by All Nepal Women’s Association (R), Valley Regional Committee to honour the newly nominated women parliamentarians of its party. She also pointed out the need to make a collective effort to attain the claim of equal opportunities in all aspect of social, economical and political sectors, which is their right. She lauded the Maoist move of sending 40 per cent women representatives to the interim legislature. “The Maoists have taken initiation, other parties also should learn a lesson from it,” she said.

Hisila Yami, central committee member of the Maoists, said sending 40 per cent women to interim parliament is a proof that her party not only makes promises but also implements them. “Women have to play the roles of counter revolution if the direction of the movement goes awry,” she said referring to Terai uprising.

Uma Adhikari, leader of NC (D), emphasised on the reservation of constituencies. “The movement is moving to a positive direction so far but there are chances that our issues may be sidelined anytime,” she said.