Seto Machhindranath fest on

KATHMANDU: The Seto Machhindranath chariot procession that began yesterday evening in Jamal in Kathmandu continued today as well. Hundreds of devotees, specially Newars, took part in the chariot procession.

Chaitra Dashain marks the start of the rath (chariot) festival, especially the chariot festival of Lord Seto Machhindranath, the god of compassion.

The shrine of Seto Machhindranath is located inside the courtyard of Janabahal in the heart of Kathmandu city.

On the first day of the festival, the image of the god is placed in a special chariot, built of cane and timber.

The main body of the chariot stands very tall while the huge wooden wheels of the chariot measure up to six feet in diameter. It is pulled around the main thoroughfares and streets of Kathmandu for four days.

The chariot procession, which is followed by a

platoon of soldiers dressed in traditional uniforms

and muskets, will conclude after the chariot is taken

to Kala Bhairav and

Lagan tomorrow and

the day after.

Hindu and Buddhists both celebrate the chariot festival.