Kathmandu, February 4 Over 60 per cent of fire accidents occurred in the Valley due to short-circuits, while poor handling of highly inflammable petroleum products, burning candles and oil-fed lamps were other major causes of fire. As many as 120 incidents of fire have been recorded in the Valley so far this fiscal year. Untitled-1According to Kathmandu Fire Brigade, better known as Juddha Barun Yantra, 74 incidents of fire were attributed to short-circuits and 46 to negligence and poor handling of fuel, burning candles and oil-fed lamps. The fire department has warned against unsafe storage and reckless handling of petroleum products. Hoarding of fuel in houses without appropriate safety measures, open sale and distribution of fuel in bottles and jerry cans and unsafe transportation of fuel may result in disaster leading to loss of lives and property. It said two persons were killed and four others injured in five incidents after burning lamp or cooking stove came into contact with stored fuel. The Valley had witnessed 395 fire incidents in the last fiscal year. At least eight incidents of fire were reported in Kathmandu in the past three days. Fire incidents caused by electrical short-circuits have been giving a hard time to firefighters of the JBY. The JBY officials suggested that it is wise to unplug cables of electronic goods and keep the power switch off during power outages. Fluctuating voltage and electric spark after a sudden resumption of power supply may cause fire. Many more cases go unreported as people themselves extinguish small fires before they spread. Officials also lamented that it was very difficult for them to make an emergency response during dry season due to lack of resources, marathon power outage and inadequate water supply coupled with traffic congestion in the city. JBY has a strength of 38 firefighters and four fire engines. It is also assisted by Nepali Armed, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force.